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    "The System" has been used by Exotic Dancers and Celebrities for years to gain inches naturally.          Our slogan is "Make us prove it to you."

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Before The System I was as skinny as a stick. Since then I've become a Swimsuit model and love my life. I couldn't have done it without Dime a Dozen.

Thank you for helping my girls. The program has increased my clientele and given the girls a new self confidence.




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How to get a Bigger Butt?       Want to become a Video Vixen?

Breaking into the Entertainment and/or Modeling Industry can be hard. On our site you will find information such as articles, links, eBooks, products and tips to help you make your mark. Fashion, hair, beauty and more. What does every hott celeb have? A SEXY body! Some have no booty or an onion booty while others have much BIGGER butts. Look at Beyoncé, J. Lo, Buffie the Body, Jessica Biel, Kitoy, Vida Guerra, Trina and Kim Kardashian. They are known for being bootylicious. No matter how you feel about them they still get respect.

Photographers want to see you from behind right? Well give them an apple bottom to look at. We specialize in Natural Buttocks Enlargement. If you have ever considered buttocks augmentation such as: Hydrogel injections, gluteoplasty, the Brazilian butt lift, and buttocks implants or even herbal pills like maca root, fenugreek, Dime Curves pills, fish oil, dong quoi, flax seed oil, borage oil, wild yam, BBB pills, estrogen, soy, femimore or hormones look no further. What makes us different? This is not just another website. This is an information hub. We have seen before and after results in person. Woman and men who had flat butts transformed into fat butts. Strip Clubs hire us to teach their Exotic Dancers booty building techniques and exercises. Hip Hop Models and Adult Film Stars use "The System" to gain their edge.

Please do your research. A few of these things may give you a larger buttocks but for how long? The bottom line is "How will these products affect you in 5-10 years?" Who cares? Dimes by the Dozen cares. Octavia Lopez wrote "The System" for people who want a bigger booty with a flat stomach and still be healthy. Welcome.
Want to be a Video Vixen or Hip Hop Video Model? You must learn how to get a bigger butt, get a flat stomach and get bigger hips and thighs. Have you tried maca, fish oil, dime curves, bbb pills or other buttock enhancement pills? Use The System by Octavia Lopez. Dimes by the Dozen, we can help you grow a bigger booty. Don’t waste money on hydrogel injections or butt implants.

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